Technology and techniques of icon painting

Lyudmila’s icons are based on Byzantine techniques. She used semi-dry brushes so the process of icon painting becomes easier and faster. Unlike Old Russian painting tradition where we can see a lot of flowing lines and pouring, the Byzantine techniques of icon painting help to make faces more expressive and vivid. It is possible to work with lines and hatching, colours and tones are perfect.
The workshop tries not only to keep to the ancient canons of icon painting but also to old technologies of icon production. As a rule icons are painted on linden panels. Natural adhesives of organic sources are used for the ground. Paints are made from egg emulsion of abraded manually minerals. Lapis lazuli is used for various shades of blue. The red paint is made from cinnabar, the yellow one is from orpiment, the green paint is from malachite, glauconite and others. The gold of 999 purity is used.
It is possible to decorate icons with basma, metal and thin frame with different traceries.

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