Icon gallery

Понедельник, Январь 6, 2014

The workshop works with all regions of Russia and also with Nearest CIS-countries and other foreign countries. Orders for all types of iconographic works are accepted.
Iconostases of different complexity from two-tiers to five tiers (their designing).
Wall icons of different types: church, lectern, altarpiece images.
Home icons: dimensional, nominal, wedding and others.
If you want to order an iconostasis or an icon in our workshop you can call us, submit your application online or order by e-mail maisumov@mail.ru
If the customer wants to he can provide us with his own board for an icon. Leave your phone number and e-mail so we can call you back. The price and the timeframes depend on sizes, the complexity of the plot, the amount of gold or basma. Lectern icons are painted within 1-2 weeks. The terms of work are previously discussed.