Icon painting workshop

Декабрь 18, 2011

Maisymova Lyudmila, the icon painter, has chosen Byzantine Icons of ХIII – XIV (Palaeologusperiod) as her role model. This style is determined by strict canons and sublime emotions.

In fact Byzantine icon painting differs from secular art. It is so pure, expressive and perspicuous.

The perspective and golden background that symbolizes Divine grace are very important. Even the greatest icon painters Andrey Rublev, Alipio Pechora, Dionisi were influenced by Byzantine masters.

Our ancestors borrowed from the Greeks not only the faith but also icon-painting traditions. Canonic icon-painting style helps the viewer to see the unique significance of depicted objects, events or persons. The image itself is not purely naturalistic, so we realize that look at the unusual Man: He has a different face, natural proportions are changed, and even clothing is painted in a special way, we will never see such garments in our life. Everything becomes symbolic, meaningful and makes us look at the world from another perspective. So, if we looked at the naturalistic images of the Crucifixion we would see the suffering dying Man and our heart would feel compassion. And when we look at the canonical Crucifixion icon painted according to the Church tradition we start to feel and understand that the Man does not only suffer, He makes sin-offerings. That is the most marvelous manifestation of God’s love and humility. There are people who think that this icon style is tough and others believe that it has something in common with pictorial art. These opinions have probably appeared because we don’t know Byzantine Icons, frescoes and mosaics well.

Icon gallery

Январь 6, 2014

The workshop works with all regions of Russia and also with Nearest CIS-countries and other foreign countries. Orders for all types of iconographic works are accepted.
Iconostases of different complexity from two-tiers to five tiers (their designing).
Wall icons of different types: church, lectern, altarpiece images.
Home icons: dimensional, nominal, wedding and others.
If you want to order an iconostasis or an icon in our workshop you can call us, submit your application online or order by e-mail maisumov@mail.ru
If the customer wants to he can provide us with his own board for an icon. Leave your phone number and e-mail so we can call you back. The price and the timeframes depend on sizes, the complexity of the plot, the amount of gold or basma. Lectern icons are painted within 1-2 weeks. The terms of work are previously discussed.

Technology and techniques of icon painting

Декабрь 18, 2011

Lyudmila’s icons are based on Byzantine techniques. She used semi-dry brushes so the process of icon painting becomes easier and faster. Unlike Old Russian painting tradition where we can see a lot of flowing lines and pouring, the Byzantine techniques of icon painting help to make faces more expressive and vivid. It is possible to work with lines and hatching, colours and tones are perfect.
The workshop tries not only to keep to the ancient canons of icon painting but also to old technologies of icon production. As a rule icons are painted on linden panels. Natural adhesives of organic sources are used for the ground. Paints are made from egg emulsion of abraded manually minerals. Lapis lazuli is used for various shades of blue. The red paint is made from cinnabar, the yellow one is from orpiment, the green paint is from malachite, glauconite and others. The gold of 999 purity is used.
It is possible to decorate icons with basma, metal and thin frame with different traceries.

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Декабрь 18, 2011

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